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A TAFE initiative

Our mission is quite simple: cultivate the world by helping farming communities around the world prosper.

Utilizing years of market expertise, we endeavor to improve agriculture at the grassroots, to make sure that sustainable farming becomes a common practice world over.

In collaboration with other world class companies, we constantly innovate to provide solutions to consumers in discerning international markets. From diesel engines to luxury car door panels, from hydraulic pumps, to gears and transmission components, from panel instruments to vehicle batteries, TAFE goes well beyond farming and into community building.

We also pride ourselves on always being environment friendly and green conscious, before they became buzzwords. We also believe in the spirit of community, and thus actively engage with customers through various community outreach programs. One of the ways we spread knowledge and share resources is through JFarm, an adaptive agri-research centre which plays a proactive role in increasing farm yields, viability and sustainability, empowering farmers with new technologies in propagating, planting and protecting a variety of crops.

TAFE's 'Be a #FarmDost' initiative aims to bring the invisible farming community back into our collective psyche. We want to inspire people - urban, rural, young, old - to experience what a farmer does, albeit in a small way. We want people to feel the thrill of warm earth between one's fingers. The joy of nurturing a seed until it springs to life. The humility of knowing that the earth will reward the efforts put in. And finally to feel the bliss of harvesting a crop.

We hope that in the process of cultivating a small patch of land, people will empathize with the farmer whose efforts of cultivating the land, feeds the nation.
Join the initiative. Take a tray. Fill it with earth. And plant something in it. Nurture it, care for it, watch it grow and relish the pride that comes with doing so.

Read up on farmers and develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the work they do. If possible, meet farmers and learn about their life firsthand.

Finally, visit FarmDost.com and follow and contribute to the Be a #FarmDost pages on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram and help encourage others and take this initiative forward.

TAFE will also distribute seed kits. These kit contains sachets with three kinds of seeds in them - Spinach, Cluster beans and Ladies's fingers - that can be easily grown at home. It will also contain an instruction manual that will provide instructions to grow the plant while highlighting how simple it was to grow these plants, if done right.
Experience the joys and rewards of farming.

Help TAFE bring farmers to the forefront and celebrate them in the public sphere and rediscover within ourselves the latent admiration and respect for farmers and their profession that already resides within each and every one of us.

We extend this invitation to everyone to be a #FarmDost and join us in cultivating the world.

About TAFE

We are TAFE - Tractors and Farming Equipment - the second largest manufacturer of tractors in India and the third largest manufacturer of tractors in the world, with a presence in over 75 countries manufacturing iconic brands like Massey Ferguson, Eicher and TAFE. Incorporated in 1960, TAFE has dedicated more than five decades to improving the lives of farmers. Placing the farmer at the heart of its every strategy, TAFE has developed one of the most enduring and invigorating collaborations between manufacturer and user.

Agricultural solutions apart, in collaboration with other world class companies, TAFE constantly innovates to provide solutions to consumers in discerning international markets across other industries as well. From diesel engines to engineering plastics for automobile industry and precision medical equipment for the healthcare industry , from hydraulic pumps, to gears and transmission components, from panel instruments to vehicle batteries, TAFE goes well beyond farming and into community building. It believes in serving the society with its products, knowledge and expertise. Working with the community, TAFE has primarily focused on education, healthcare, women's empowerment, and preservation of the rich Indian heritage and the propagation of traditional art forms.

To read more about us, visit TAFE.com

About Cultivating The World

At TAFE, 'Cultivating The World' isn't just a slogan or a tagline, it is a way of life. It is a philosophy that dictates our every move. It pushes us to constantly innovate and evolve our products and expertise, by adapting to the needs of the customers worldwide.

It is this drive that propelled it from being an importer of tractors with just one tractor model in the 1960's, to being recognized today as a high quality mass-manufacturer with an extensive product range which meets the expectations of every farmer and every farm mechanization need. It has expanded its product portfolio to offer over 200 products and variants including, notwithstanding implements, farm machinery, diesel engines, engineering plastics, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, gears and transmission components, vehicle batteries and plantations.

TAFE's growth strategy has been a consequence of this philosophy, encouraging it to evolve constantly and conquer new horizons globally by means of energy efficient processes which ensured products that meet rigorous global standards of quality and sustainability. It is also this philosophy that led TAFE to adopt environment friendly practices and green consciousness, much before they became the buzzwords they are today.

The world beckons us to continue our boundless journey of cultivating the world.


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